CARN seeks to create full service communities by facilitating free access to resources and assistance that provide information and opportunity. A full service community is:

A place where all individuals are able to reach their highest level of development through the support of integrated service delivery systems and the provision of optional levels of lifetime learning opportunites within a safe, clean, productive and healthy environment.

CARN is about learning for work and life, information for problem-solving, communications and technology, and urban communities united for action.

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Community Users

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CARN stands for "Community Action Research Network". We use this name because we are taking information and empowering, training and encouraging all community members to use this information in community-based problem solving (applied research).

CARN makes information available to a wide variety of people in urban communities. This information will be used to empower people to take control of their communities and their futures.

CARNSCAPE is a constantly evolving site. We do not list things "under construction" because we assume we will be constantly changing and evolving. We hope that you will join as as users and producers.

What can I find on CARNSCAPE?

This web site has six basic divisons:


Questions about what CARN is and how it was developed can be answered here. CARN is an outgrowth of the Urban Education Consortium (UEC) at Rutgers University. Information about the UEC
as an organization and the membership directory of all 700+ members is also included here.

You can become a member (FREE) by filling in the "Who are you" form on this location.

Information Providers

CARN is about information. We have made arrangements with a wide variety of "information providers" (state agencies, universities, individual researchers, non-profit organizations, associations and unions) to make their REAL INFORMATION available here on this site. Some of the information is located at other Internet sites which are hyperlinked to CARNSCAPE. Some information is here directly on CARNSCAPE.

All information on this site has been copyright approved and is free for the use of anyone who can get to it on the Internet. Each information provider is responsible for updating his or her data, and for the accuracy of the information. Questions should be directly to the provider who is listed at the end of each sub-site. NO INFOMERCIALS please.

If you are interested in putting your real information up on CARNSCAPE for use in communities, please contact the Director .


CARN is about urban communities. This location on CARNSCAPE is devoted entirely to the communities themselves. Each community through their school district has a community-site. It may also be hyper linked to a community site which has been established through the business or government community members.

One of the primary goals of CARN is to make information users into information producers. This place along with "Works in Progress" is designed to be a working space for the communities to share ideas, information, experiences, and decisions among communities.

Each individual community site lists the people who can be contacted within the communities to provide you with more information.

Works in Progress

CARN is about work. The work of critical thinking, problem solving and decision making. On this part of CARNSCAPE, working space is provided for anyone who would like to put up their current work-think pieces, research, policies under consideration, curriculum pieces for classrooms, etc. - - and have people give them feedback.

This space will also develop bulletin boards, chatrooms and list servs as needed by the users.

If you have something you would like to put up in this space, contact the Director .

Distinguished Scholar and Practitioner Gallery

Since CARN grew out of the Urban Education Consortium, we have always had a tradition of sharing our important research and policy statements. In this part of CARNSCAPE, people will be invited to submit their academic and published research and policy statements for sharing within communities.

This information will be judged by a panel of scholars and practitioners for its quality, importance, and its contribution to the cause. All authors will provide copyright permission to submit their materials.

If you are interested in providing a piece of your work for this section of CARNSCAPE, please contact the Director .

Ads and Service Messages

All the information on CARN is being offered free. This section of CARN is designed for those persons who would like to list their businesses or services for our membership. In this section, there will be a charge for infomercials.

For information about putting an ad up on CARNSCAPE, please contact the Director .

For teachers and students, CARN provides real world, immediate examples of the entire range of subject matter covered in conventional curricula -- reading about current events or local history, writing analysis of actual community problems, science and math studies of environmental and health issues, multicultural focus of social studies and literature provided for all members of the community, and arts and culture locally and globally.
CARN seeks to provide low-cost access and connectivity to all schools within the 62 urban communities of NJ.

CARN seeks to work with teachers and students to produce their own curricula and materials to be shared on the Internet.

CARN seeks to support the NJ and national core curriculum standards using the best multimedia technologies available.

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Online Internet Institute

For local and state policymakers, Board Members, Mayors or Council Members, CARN provides current information about not only their own community, but statewide. In order to encourage government officials to manage more efficiently and effectively, information will be shared about national and state award-winning innovative programs and practice, state policies and guidelines which enhance creativity, and comparative policy information for local policy development.
CARN seeks to encourage municipal, county, special authorities, and state government officials to make maximum use of Internet available resources in their decision making processes.

CARN seeks to provide expert technical assistance at low cost to policy makers in a variety of fields.

CARN seeks to support local initiatives at maximizing government productivity, creativity, and high quality service delivery.

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For non-profit, community based organizations, CARN has been developed to provide information about your clients and communities which can be used in planning, fundraising, cooperative programming with other groups within your community, cooperative programming with other groups outside your community but with the same mission, and to identify problems which need crisis level access to resources.
CARN seeks to provide low cost access and connectivity to the Internet for non-profit, community-based organizations.

CARN seeks to encourage and enhance the ability of these organizations to manage more effectively through shared resources and professional fundraising efforts.

CARN seeks to create a web of services for community residents through better coordination and cooperation among agencies both within and among the urban communities.

For parents or residents, CARN offers access to information about how to manage and impact the development of your community. This includes how to interact with your child's school and teachers, how to enhance your child's achievement through afterschool activities at home, how to access a wide variety of social and health care services within your community, how to locate job training and actual job openings throughout the state, and how to raise issues with your elected officials and participate in public meetings.
CARN seeks to provide the same types and levels of information to every resident as is available to decision makers in order to empower them to become involved in their communities.

CARN seeks to support and enhance the parental involvement of all family members with their child's education to insure their future well being.

CARN seeks to provide residents with up-to-date information about jobs, job training, health care, and social services which are available to support themselves and their families.

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For businesspersons, CARN seeks to provide a way for business and economic development decisions to be made with the best market information. CARN would allow business persons to conduct market surveys, locate property which may be available for investment, determine local market dimensions, compare tax rates among communities, and list their available positions for local employment. It will also provide important linkages to the school systems to encourage employers to become mentors, sponsor apprecenticeship and employment programs for students, and to support their schools through a variety of financial partnerships.
CARN seeks to enhance the economic and business development among the urban communities.

CARN seeks to reinvent the contract between the business community and the local schools to encourage partnerships which have long-term commitments.

CARN seeks to provide technical assistance to new and small businesses starting up or for operating businesses which would like to expand or relocate.

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  • What is the Urban Education Consortium? (UEC)

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